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Experienced editor specializing in memoir, Christian living, and academic books.


I'm an editor specializing in religious nonfiction, including memoir, academic, Christian living. My clients have included InterVarsity Press, Baker/Brazos, the Faithlife Corporation, Truth for Life radio ministries, and Redemption Press.
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Work experience


Nov, 2017 — Present

As Content Editor for the pastor-resourcing subscription site Ministry Pass, my responsibilities have included
recruiting and managing staff writers, maintaining intellectual and biblical standards, substantive editing, proofreading, concept development, and managing editorial calendars.


Nov, 2011 — Present

In my freelance editing work, I proofread academic and popular-level books for InterVarsity Press. I have proofread and copyedited book projects for Lexham Press and Redemption Press, and have provided editing services for private clients, including doctoral students, businesses, and memoir, nonfiction, and children’s book authors.

Crossroads Rural Ministry (Edinburg and Mountain, ND)

Jul, 2007 — Dec, 2010 (over 3 years)

Responsibilities included personal communication and visitation, leadership, public speaking, preaching and teaching, and regular theological and biblical writing.


Dec, 1998 — Present

Publications have included Today’s Christian Woman, Christian Bible Studies, Christ and Pop Culture, Christianity Today TV and Movies, Mockingbird, and the Patheos Evangelical blog.


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Ryan A.

Ryan A.

Mar, 2020

Rebecca provided great feedback in the developmental edit of my 50,000 word manuscript. Her two page report was thorough. Her notes in the margins of my manuscript were challenging, encouraging, and insightful. I was very happy she was the first person I connected with on this website. Great service at a reasonable price.
Rebecca M.
Thank you for the great review, Ryan! It's been a pleasure to work with you on your book!
Chara M.

Chara M.

Jul, 2019

When you write your very first book, you want someone who will be patient and kind, and most of all detail-oriented. That's Rebecca. I was able to sit back and get all the feedback I needed every step of the way. Words can't describe how much her professionalism and communication helped me. Rebecca, if you get to see this review...know that I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. You a...
Read more
Rebecca M.
Thank you for the wonderful review!