Jess Estrella

Jess Estrella – Designer

I focus on non-fiction and have over 500 published projects. I have received GDUSA Gold Awards for my cover designs every year since 2015.


I am an award-winning designer with 10+ years experience, specializing in non-fiction titles for both the trade and higher education markets. I have worked with well-known publishers such as SAGE, Cengage, Pearson, and McGraw-Hill. I also have a wealth of experience working in marketing departments and creating bespoke products from concept to final delivery.

I'm an insightful creative with a love for typography and a pleasure to work with. I can guide you through the whole process no matter how small or large your project. I'm detail-oriented and quick to respond so drop me a line. Let's create something together.

"I was always impressed by her professionalism. Her attention to detail is like no other, and the designs she produces are beautiful!" Rana Salce, Education Operations Manager at Tealium Content
Art Business & Management Design Earth, Space, & Environmental Sciences Finance & Accounting Health & Wellbeing Humanities & Social Sciences Philosophy
  • GDUSA American Design Award Gold 2015
  • GDUSA American Design Award Gold 2016
  • GDUSA American Design Award Gold 2017
  • GDUSA American Design Award Gold 2018
  • GDUSA American Design Award Gold 2019
  • GDUSA American Design Award Gold 2020
  • ANA International Echo Awards Gold Winner
  • GDUSA American Design Award Gold 2021
  • GDUSA American Design Award Gold 2022

Work experience


Jun, 2013 — Present

I fight the good fight collaborating and creating brand identities and collateral, illustrations, and design elements in all mediums for boutiques and large Fortune 500 companies alike.

Cognella Inc.

Feb, 2012 — Present

Redefining academic publishing by providing teacher-driven, student-centric higher education course materials in print and digital formats under multiple imprints.

University Readers, Inc.

Feb, 2012 — Apr, 2013 (about 1 year)

Entrepreneurial publishing leader working to enhance instructor and student experiences by providing innovative print and digital e-commerce custom and academic publishing services.

Design Lab NYC

Mar, 2006 — Dec, 2011 (almost 6 years)

I ate, slept, lived, and designed for the greater good of print. I was extensively part of several branding, advertising, and publication projects including high-profile campaigns for clients such as True Value, Barnes & Noble, Discovery, and Whole Foods. Experience in all areas of Visual Communication while working on awesome and sometimes secretive projects.


9/11, the War on Terror, and the Sociology of Mass Media explores the cultural and political impact of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, with particular emphasis on the media's role in constructing meanings in the wake of the tragedy. The carefully ... read more
Essentials of Career Focused Counseling: Integrating Theory, Practice, and Neuroscience posits that career counseling, rather than being vocational rehabilitation, career guidance, or employment counseling, is counseling related to career issues. This vital sh... read more
Designed for education students and pre-service teachers, Writer's Workshop in the College Classroom: Cultivating Original Voices in an Authentic Contextteaches readers how to implement the Writer's Workshop model in a college classroom. The book also shares t... read more
Creative Art: Methods and Materials educates readers about a variety of art methods and the ways different civilizations have used them in artistic expression. Each of the fourteen chapters is designed around a specific art method and material, and includes ex... read more
"The Philosophy of Human Movement takes a new approach to movement by stepping away from data collection, statistical analysis, and objectification and focusing instead on experiences and stories. These stories and experiences are designed to help students dev... read more
"Grammar in the Generative Sentence: Parts of Mature Prose shows how grammar and rhetoric complement each other in generative sentences, with their multiple statements in hierarchical patterns. Some books have collected stunning sample sentences; others are gr... read more
"Conversations at the Intersection of Science and Society is an anthology that introduces students to important concepts in the biological sciences and explores the intersection of these concepts with philosophy, ethics, religion, politics, and public policy. ... read more
"Designed to be highly practical, Español Comercial is a concise, well-organized resource for advanced, fluent students who want to improve their speaking skills in Spanish for business purposes. The book increases vocabulary and teaches speaking skills for us... read more
Race and Racism in the West: Crusades to the Present is an anthology for use in courses on multiculturalism and ethnicity. The book addresses some of the western hemisphere’s historical attitudes about racial identity. These include the concept of white privil... read more
French Fairy Tales: Essays on a Major Literary Tradition provides a unique opportunity to revisit and deepen our appreciation and understanding of French fairy tales, many of which we can recall with a sense of wonder from childhood. These carefully selected e... read more
"Introduction to Philosophy allows students to sharpen critical analytic skills while experiencing the world of thought involved in philosophy. The book exposes readers to the ideas that have shaped the world since the time of Socrates. It challenges students'... read more
From Data to Decision: A Handbook for the Modern Business Analyst provides readers with a comprehensive guide to understanding the inherent value of business analytics, building critical skill sets to conduct effective analyses, deriving valuable insight from ... read more
This is the hard cover version of Principles of Real Estate Accounting and Taxation. The text combines both accounting and taxation within one book specific to commercial real estate. The book is relevant to students of real estate as well as investors, develo... read more
This text offers a comprehensive introduction to the basic tenets of mental health-related counseling. Aimed at graduate-level students studying mental health counseling, school counseling, or similarly related professions, this text will enable students to be... read more
Written for students in training and those new to the helping profession, Intentional Counseling: Practice Guided by Theory blends theory, practice, and guided personalized application to help readers move from simply gathering and receiving information to usi... read more
"The anthology Organizational Behavior: A New Three Dimensional Leadership Paradigm introduces learners to the complexities of effective leadership, organizational behavior, and strategic planning. Over the course of the book the material addresses leadership ... read more
Like quantitative analysis itself, the text Social Research begins with a question. Why do social scientists use numbers to talk about everything from the stock market to human emotions? Social Research provides an answer with its common sense approach to the ... read more
Big Bang: From Myths to Model is a chronological, scientific treatment of the history of astronomy as a science. Beginning with ancient cultures and ending with the modern era, this book explores how humanity has studied the universe, what we claim to know abo... read more
"Space and Space Travel is a comprehensive introductory overview of subject matter related to exploration of the solar system. After an initial discussion of energy, power, and the atom, the book explores the Sun and its impact on planets and the space environ... read more
The Energy of Physics Part II: Electricity and Magnetism steps away from the traditional chronological organization of material and instead groups similar topics together, thus enabling students to better understand potentials and fields and the relationship b... read more
The Energy of Physics, Part I: Classical Mechanics and Thermodynamics provides students the opportunity to learn physics the way in which physicists understand the discipline. In contrast to standard textbooks, which introduce forces first, this text begins wi... read more
Today's world requires professionals to write successfully across a variety of media, encompassing everything from public relations to Twitter accounts. What's the Story? provides students with a comprehensive overview of different genre writing skills and pre... read more
Ignite the Soul: The Art of Figure Drawing contains everything you need to learn to master the challenge of drawing the human figure. Uniting concepts from Chinese calligraphy and Western traditional art, Han Dai-Yu maps out a step-by-step approach suitable fo... read more
This textbook is intended for use in a course on scientific thought. It includes a mixture of classic readings from the great figures in science and in the philosophy of science, as well as practical essays on scientific methodology, ethics and pseudoscience. ... read more
Written specifically for upper-level undergraduate finance courses that focus on short-term financial management, working capital, and treasury management, this revised 5th edition of Short-Term Financial Management provides a comprehensive overview of topics ... read more
From Wonder to Wisdom: Introductory Readings in Philosophy familiarizes students with key, foundational selections in Western philosophy. It features engaging readings about God, the mind, knowledge, and human morality to help students better understand both t... read more
Resolve: Strategies, Thoughts, and Beliefs for Healthy Living coaches readers through major lifestyle changes that can lead to better physical, emotional, and spiritual health. It helps them recognize emotions, beliefs, and behavior patterns that work against ... read more
A Social Psychology Research Experience is a workbook that offers students a hands-on introduction to how social psychologists develop and test their research questions. Used in conjunction with a comprehensive instructor's manual, this workbook includes skill... read more
Writing Winning Proposals: Public Relations Cases teaches students, as well as practitioners, how to conceptualize and write public relations plans and proposals from the perspective of the plan reviewer — typically non-public relations practitioners. The proc... read more
Solutions Manual to Chemistry: A Fundamental Overview of Essential Principles is a companion workbook to Chemistry: A Fundamental Overview of Essential Principles. The original problems from the textbook are included in full, along with detailed explanations t... read more
Macro Social Work Practice: Working for Change in a Multicultural Society explores the dynamics and practice implications of increasingly diverse communities, organizations, and social service networks and helps students develop the skills to work successfully... read more
Teaching From the Heart: Critical Communication Pedagogy in the Communication Classroom uses a social-justice framework to introduce beginning instructors to classroom pedagogy. Readers will learn the history, vocabulary, and skill set needed to recognize teac... read more
Developed for helping professionals, Counseling Theory and Practice explains what it means to be an effective helper, discusses foundations of classic counseling and psychotherapy theories, provides an overview of emerging theories, and gives students the oppo... read more
Exploring the Roots of Social Theory and Inquiry: Making Sense of Social Life gives students the tools they need to uncover, describe, and evaluate the theorizing that underlies social studies, and then shows them how to do their own theorizing. This hybrid te... read more
A User's Guide for Planet Earth provides students with an exploration of the fundamental components of Earth's environmental systems, their interactions, and the way society affects and is affected by alterations in climate, ecosystems, hydrology, and various ... read more

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Randy W.

Randy W.

May, 2023

Jess Estrella was a joy to work with. She was very professional. She clearly explained the cover design process to me (as a new author). She presented me with numerous options, and her opinion of what would work (and look) the best. She met the deadline arranged. I am very happy with the cover she designed for me. She was very patient with me through the entire process. Once I had the final pag...
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Mark J.

Mark J.

Feb, 2021

I had a fantastic experience working with Jess. This was my first time partnering with a cover designer, but she exceeded all my expectations. She took my initial ideas, generated amazing options, and delivered a cover that brilliantly realized my vision. Throughout the process she communicated clearly, helped me through the process, and promptly integrated my feedback until we had the perfect ...
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Steve B.

Steve B.

Jan, 2020

Jess is truly amazing. From our brief conversation and a vague image that I liked, she created the perfect cover -- expressing exactly what I intended... only better. I will use her again and again. Excellent.
Chris C.

Chris C.

Dec, 2019

I retained Jess to design the cover of my first book, and I am absolutely delighted with the entire experience. Jess combines an artist's design sense with top-level professionalism. Prompt communication, excellent design ideas, quick turnaround, great with feedback. The result: An eye-grabbing cover aligned with my book's content and target audience. The impact: Currently a #1 new release in...
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Trevor S.

Trevor S.

Oct, 2019

Jess' work is incredible, I will absolutely hire her for future projects!